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Psychosis REACH Toolkit

The Psychosis REACH Training Team at the University of Washington has put together a number of resources that we think families, practitioners and mental health administrators should have at their fingertips. Click below to access these resources. Many more are included in the Psychosis REACH program.

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About Psychosis and Psychosis Care

What is


Psychosis can look different for each person. Learn more about psychosis in this document.

CBTp Fact Sheet by Dr. Hardy

Developed by Dr. Kate Hardy at Stanford University, this fact sheet focuses on the basics of CBTp.

Understanding HIPAA

What parents need to know about privacy and their adult child's health information. When does HIPAA allow disclosure?



A SAMHSA report focused on CBTp, including recommendations for nationwide implementation.

Family Resource Guide

Explore resources including podcasts, apps, guides and directories to learn about resources from. 

Psychosis Speaker Series

Watch videos of the Educational Psychosis Speaker Series by Ohio State University's EPICENTER.

Overview of Psychosis REACH

Watch a video about CBT- informed skills for families caring for a loved one with psychosis

Best Practices Fact Sheet

Learn more about CBTp best practices, specifically focused on implementation of the model. 

Culturally- Informed Care

Watch a video of culturally-informed therapy for schizophrenia by Dr. Amy Weisman de Mamani, PhD. 

First Aid Guide for Loved Ones

The First Aid Guide equips loved ones with practical strategies to support individuals experiencing psychosis.

Family Interventions

These guidelines offer insight into current practices on family interventions in psychosis.


Psychosis REACH Research

Development of Psychosis REACH

Explore the development of the Psychosis REACH model, which suggests a potential positive impact.

Psychosis REACH Outcomes

In this article, read about the potential benefits Psychosis REACH may have in a study based in the United States. 

Family Ambassadors 

In this article, read about the integral role of Psychosis REACH Family Ambassadors who support other caregivers. 


Psychosis REACH in the Media

Learning to Communicate

Learn how our program teaches families to use CBTp skills to help foster communication with their loved ones.

Caregiving for Schizophrenia

Listen to the podcast episode: Caregiving for Schizophrenia, featuring Dr. Sarah Kopelovich, PhD.

Supporting Your Loved One 

Learn how to support your loved one with psychosis and the role of Psychosis REACH in their recovery

The Medical Mind Podcast

Listen to the podcast episode: The Science and Experience of CBTp featuring Dr. Sarah Kopelovich, PhD. 

Family Interventions

Learn from Dr. Kopelovich how new guidelines can help advance family-focused interventions for psychosis.

Helping Navigate Schizophrenia

Listen to the podcast episode: Helping Caregivers Navigate Schizophrenia, featuring Dad, Scott Joffrion. 

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Psychosis REACH: Bridging the gap between evidence-based support and the unique needs of caregivers in the realm of psychotic disorders

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