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Psychosis REACH

Psychosis REACH was developed for families, with families.

Experts in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis and Family Interventions teamed up with families with lived experience to develop the Psychosis REACH training model. 

Psychosis REACH teaches concrete, evidence-based skills that are
rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Training Steps

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Online Course

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Live Event

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Family Ambassador Program

Complete a self-paced online course, teaching you the fundamentals about psychotic symptoms, the role of caregivers in psychosis recovery and cognitive behavioral techniques for psychosis. 

Come together for a live, online workshop to see these skills in action.

Connect with a trained Psychosis REACH Family Ambassador for follow-up skills, coaching and

emotional support.

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2024 Live Events

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Gabriela R., CA

"Psychosis REACH has given me a sense of hope"

Lilly P., WA

"I really do believe, and I don't say it lightly, Psychosis REACH has saved our family."

Amani W., MI

"We aren't alone in the dark anymore"

Psychosis REACH covers topics like

Making Sense of Psychosis

Ways to Cope

Communication Strategies

Dealing with Voices & Paranoia

Working with Medication

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Mother and Son

"This program has provided a link and a bridge between me and my son that I will forever be grateful for."

Training Hubs

Psychosis REACH can be sustained locally through Psychosis REACH Training Hubs. Click on a state below to find a training hub.


The University of Washington hub is the parent organization and takes participants from around the world

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Interested in bringing Psychosis REACH to your region?

If you would like to learn more about bringing Psychosis REACH to your state or organization, view our Psychosis REACH training packages and email us at

The Michigan Psychosis REACH Training Hub is run by Network 180 and the Early Treatment and Cognitive Health (ETCH) Program


Please Consider Donating

Psychosis REACH was launched with philanthropic support from families who are able, willing and ready to support other families navigating psychosis. Donor funding has enabled 14 cohorts of families from around the world to participate in Psychosis REACH free of charge. The UW SPIRIT Lab has blended donor and state funding to make our training even more accessible to families. To support our work please click the button below and then "ADD" or contact David Chow, Director of Philanthropy for the University of Washington Medicine at

Psychosis REACH Parent Hub Leadership

Kopelovich_Sarah (1).jpg

Sarah Kopelovich


Kate V Hardy_Headshot.jpg

Kate Hardy



Doug Turkington


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Trez Buckland

PhD, MEd

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Akansha Vaswani-Bye


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